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    Since 1979


TRICK Performance Unleaded

     Street legal gasoline that is excellent in muscle cars, showroom stock road racing, sport bikes, circle track and performance highway applications.  Will not damage catalytic converters, knock sensors or oxygen sensors.   A must for all street rods!  Meets California Phase III Reformulated Gasoline regulations.

Typical Properties

Research Octane (R.O.N.) 102
Motor Octane (M.O.N.) 92+
Anti-Knock Index (R+M/2) 97+
Reid Vapor Pressure 6.9
     Distillation Curve (F)
          -Initial Boiling Point 98
          -10% 145
          -50% 218
          -90% 229
          -End Point 253
Tetra Ethyl Lead (gm/gal) 0.0
Specific Gravity .736
Color Clear
Dielectric +4.1


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TRICK Racing Gasolines, P.O. Box 248, Oakdale, CA   95361    tel: 800-444-1449,  fax: 209-847-9726